Planning 10 Project Informative Videos: Most important video

Out of all the videos, we watched together in class, I believe that the most important one for students to watch is the STD prevention video. The video speaks about how awkward it is to speak about sex and how difficult it can be for people to communicate their concerns about their sexual health to their partners. Many high school aged people are not very secure with themselves, so they are at risk to make unhealthy sexual decisions. It is important for them to learn about making healthier decisions early on. Furthermore, the video emphasises the importance of the internet, and how useful it can be to tell others about things that would be awkward face to face, which could also be beneficial to younger people.



Project progress report

So far our group has worked quite well together. We have researched several campaigns that targetted bullying and assessed them on their effectiveness. That assignment worked out pretty well for us. We were able to work efficiently together. However, going forward I plan to work harder.

We are currently planning a few more assignments to do, including: Why do bullies bully? Why don’t anti-bullying campaigns work that well? How to actually stop bullying. And, What normal people can do to help stop bullying in their communities.

We have several different sources that we have compiled, including one that would provide us with a lot of anecdotal evidence. We want to look at everyone’s point of view, including the bully’s.

We don’t really have roles, each of us just works on what we feel like doing. This may need to change in the future, however. It is likely that we will try to delegate work so that everyone does what they are good at.

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