Group Interview assignment


I would hire Gursimar for several reasons, most notably her attitude and communication skills. She is very confident in her abilities and understands her own strengths and weaknesses well. She has some skills that are difficult to come by and very beneficial to her position; she is bilingual. Her ability to speak both English and Punjabi could prove very useful to her on a day to day basis considering the social nature of the job. She has an outgoing personality so she can no doubt fit in and socialise with all types of costumers. Her ability to problem solve is not amazing, but it will definitely get the job done. She states that she will “support the customer” if they happened to be troubled by anything. This reflects our motto very well and displays a level of empathy that her position would require.She was very well prepared for the questions, so it is clear that she has thought about this job and wants it. She states that she has a positive personality which means she could lighten the mood and keep everything flowing at work. She made good eye contact during the interview as well, so it is clear that she is comfortable communicating with new people. Made good hand motions while responding, displaying that she is very articulate. One downside to her responses, however, was that she states she takes too much responsibility often. This could mean she comes off as bossy at times or doesn’t trust other people. However, when it’s all said and done, she is definitely hired.


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