Work life balance

What was your position on the following three questions? Circle the position you took and explain why you chose it.

  1. How much money you make is a primary indicator of your success at work and life.



Your happiness and comfort should be the primary indicators of your success at work and life. If one person is rich and famous, but they are unhappy and uncomfortable, they are not successful. Your success should be defined by your quality of life. Money can of course be used to measure success, but not money alone.


  1. Work should come before family and friends.



You can’t replace your family, so of course putting your work before them isn’t a good idea. The primary reason most people work is to support themselves and their family. Without a family to support, work is less important anyway. Furthermore, families provide emotional support you can’t find at work and it is important to return that support.


  1. You need to work harder than most people to succeed. This includes working long hours.



Time does not always equal success. If you’re not working on something you want to work on, there’s no point working extra anyway. The time would just be wasted if it’s not spent doing something reasonable or helpful.


Answer the following question in paragraph. Does this TED Talk change your opinion on any of the three questions we went over? Why or why not?


My opinions remained pretty much the same. I still feel like work should not consume every second of your day. I still feel like one’s family should come before their work. And I still feel like money is not the best indicator of success. Marsh mentions that work should not interfere with family time and vice versa. He mentions that he was happier when he worked less. He didn’t make more money or anything, but his quality of life improved, so my opinion on working harder stays the same.


While my opinions remain mostly unchanged, there are some points that have changed my way of thinking. Marsh mentions how he spent a day with his son doing normal things. Marsh and his son did nothing that was eventful, nothing exciting, nothing adventurous, yet when the day ended, his son told him “that was the best day of my life”. This led me to raise some questions about the level of attention or time you need to give your kids to really support them emotionally. From what Marsh described, it seems to me like you really just need to do stuff with them. Nothing big, no road trips or vacations, you just need to do some simple activities with them. This really changed my opinion on how much time children consumed. At first, I was under the impression that once you have children, you would need to give them every moment of your time to really satisfy them, but Marsh’s experiences prove otherwise. This just strengthens my belief that family should come before work.


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