progress report

As of right now, we have completed our script for our new video, and have planned to film it soon.


The biggest difficulty we’ve had so far is just filming the video. Whether it’s props or settings, we could not seem to get everything together. That is the main reason why we scrapped our old idea and decided to do a different video.


I found it interesting how the angle of the camera can affect how the scene looks so much. This isn’t really related to the topic or anything, but it’s a little bit of information that I found interesting. The camera angle really sets the tone for the whole scene.


Going forward I’m going to need to be a little more serious in our next filming session. The time we have is limited and I can not risk running out of time to film.


My main goal for the project right now is to get the filming done. I’m trying to make a video that can be easily understood and promotes speaking up about safety in workplaces. The end product will hopefully have some humor in it, but ultimately, it should get the theme across.


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