Project progress report

So far our group has worked quite well together. We have researched several campaigns that targetted bullying and assessed them on their effectiveness. That assignment worked out pretty well for us. We were able to work efficiently together. However, going forward I plan to work harder. We are currently planning a few more assignments to […]

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Advertisements Questions

What is the purpose of advertising?   Advertisements are generally meant to sell an idea or get people on board with an idea/person. Advertisements may intend to sell a product like potato chips or shampoo. Other ads can be political, trying to get you to vote for a certain party.   What do you notice […]

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Group Interview assignment

FIRE or HIRE I would hire Gursimar for several reasons, most notably her attitude and communication skills. She is very confident in her abilities and understands her own strengths and weaknesses well. She has some skills that are difficult to come by and very beneficial to her position; she is bilingual. Her ability to speak […]

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Interview questions/answers

How did you find this job? Why do you want this job? What makes you think you deserve this position? What are your biggest weaknesses? What are your biggest strengths? Hypothetically, if you were to mess up on the job, what would be your immediate course of action? Where do you see yourself in the […]

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